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Bright Sparks

This tool selects a random person for you to use as a creative prompt, and then asks leading questions to help you develop your ideas.

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Creativity Prompts and Ideas

A huge collection of creativity-related techniques. Go learn, and try some.

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How to Free Your Creative Spirit, According to Sister Corita Kent

Article about being creative, and the concept of plork.

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Creative Problem Creating: Jon Satrom

Jon is an artist who undermines interfaces, problematizes presets, and playfully bends data. He spends his days fixing things and making things work. He spends his evenings breaking things and searching for the unique blips inherent to the systems he explores and exploits.

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Brilliant article by Eric Tamm which looks at Brian Eno, who was part of Roxy Music, worked with David Bowie and went on to invent functional music, and the whole ambient genre. 

Has lots of tips regarding creativity.

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30+ Creativity Techniques

A nice list of creativity techniques listed and explained. Go try a few!

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The Mad Science Of Music

A genius at work. Go and learn.

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17 Creative Brainstorming Methods

...That (Might) Produce Brilliance!

A nice list of creativity techniques, go try them!

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Grotesque Tables

Based on Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies, Grotesque Tables is a deck of creative prompt cards that are all anagrams of the Oblique Strategy cards.