Here are twenty of the latest tools and inspirations I have added to the site.

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You should be able to open this up, figure out how it works and have fun with this. There are lots of online "toys" that are actually worth playing with just for the experience, they'll give you ideas.

This category is for things that may take a little learning but don't need lots of effort. 

These items will require some studying but are worth the time. You can watch a few YouTube videos to get to grips with it, right? 

These are complex tools for those who are more technically minded, or researchers or professionals. But hey, don't let that stop you. 

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Create a "talking heads" video using artificial intelligence, in multiple languages.

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Tokking Heads Avatar Animator

Choose or upload an avatar and animate it to your soundtrack.

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Aesthetic Generator

Nice character generator, or a good tool if you want a nom de plume perhaps.

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Scribble on this strange Mondrian-like grid, click the samples below, and instant funky rhythms. 

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Collection of Oscillators for p5js

Useful if you are trying to code audio or animations.

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Listen To Transformer

Listen as A.I generates music that "evolves" over time, or rather, has the musical notion of change and development within a song. Very clever.

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Visit the cave at Lascaux

Astonishing stuff. The earliest art works known? Or something else?

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Window Swap

Lovely peep into other worlds. 

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Poetry in motion

Really interesting exploratory interface, that slices archive texts together.

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Fantastic zooming interface to an archive collection of photographs.

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Surveillance Atlas of Infectious Diseases

Brilliant explorable dataset, with downloadable data

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Collection of Equirectangular Images

A Flickr collection of equirectangular images, many of which are Creative Commons licenced for use in your own VR creations.

Lots more here.

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Collection of Posters

Fabulous collection of posters from the U.S. Department of Agriculture  in the 1930s

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An academic paper about interactive narrative systems.

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Prelinger Movie Archive

Huge collection of movies.