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Zine Maker

Zine are small and often handmade, self-published magazines.

This tool is something I made so that you can draw all the pages and then download it and print on one A4 or A3 sheet. You can then fold it into an 8 page zine and colour it in.

The source code is here.

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Zine or magazine creation tool

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Electric Zine Maker

Pay your own price for this great downloadable zine-making app. This has to be the winner of THE CRAZIEST APP ever. It's really good fun. 


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The Zine Library

A lovely collaboration of artists, students, scientists from the Small Science Collective, producing small zines and web comics on topics from ants to cephalopods to galaxies.

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Chapbooks at the University of York

Over 40 chapbooks with images of each page and covers. Very high-quality images are downloadable too.

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The Processed World

Are you the processor or being processed? "Processed World magazine was founded in 1981 by a small group of dissidents, mostly in their twenties, who were then working in San Francisco's financial district."

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5 Awesome Chapbook Publishers

Chapbooks are small, quirky, limited print run publications. Here are five publishers where you can explore chapbooks further.

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Zine Idea

Interesting idea for a zine. Also, nice use of black and white and ONE colour