Using Artificial Intelligence For Inspiration

Artificial Intelligence can create tools and toys that do incredible things. Go play with some and see if the a robot can help you come up with new ideas.


The objective of this exercise to "just go and play" with these tools and toys that use artificial intelligence somehow.  

As you do think about what A.I might be used for, or how you could use these tools to support your creative ideas. Can A.I be your creative assistant perhaps?

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Find places similar in shape to other places nearby
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An Art Gallery Created By Artificial Intelligence

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World Draw
Strange site where you populate a world with your doodles
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Georgio Cam

Hilarious. AI Makes lyrics from your webcam image, oh yeah.

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Can Computers Make Art?

Excellent article making the case that they can't.


Below are sites where A.I has created lots of resources, doodle and photos of people that don't exist. Could you use either in an artwork perhaps? 

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The Doodle Library
Large collection of doodles to use

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Generated Photos
A collection of people's faces automatically generated by artificial intelligence. None of the people actually exist.


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Spolin Bot

A bot responds to your messages.

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Strange drawing suggestion tool

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Rational Keyboard

Play an unusual rational keyboard. Very eno.

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Magic Sketchpad

Start drawing, AI finishes it

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Let A.I evolve you a picture. Great fun and you get some weird stuff.

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Evoke AI

Choose the genre and mood and let AI generate a two minute track. 3 downloads with free use. Quite interesting. Could be used for a promo video.

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Talk To Transformer
See how a modern neural network completes your text. Type a custom snippet and see what is generated

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Deep Dream
Make your images psychedelic