Make Your Own Zine

Zines are small, often radical and often one-page home-made magazines. Why don't you make a small zine that you could print and sell or give away?


In Victorian times, children used to sell small zine-like chapbooks. They often contained nursery rhymes or moral tales.

What nursery rhyme might you modernize? Or if you wanted to print and give away small books that shared all the essential info you need to know about X... what would your subject X be?


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5 Awesome Chapbook Publishers
Chapbooks are small, quirky, limited print run publications. Here are five publishers where you can explore chapbooks further.
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Chapbooks at the British Library

Chapbooks were small, affordable forms of literature for children and adults that were sold on the streets, and covered a range of subjects from fairy tales and ghost stories to news of politics, crime or disaster.

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Chapbooks at the University of York

Over 40 chapbooks with images of each page and covers. Very high-quality images are downloadable too.

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The Zine Library

A lovely collaboration of artists, students, scientists from the Small Science Collective, producing small zines and web comics on topics from ants to cephalopods to galaxies.


You can make a zine with a simple A4 piece of paper. What about if you made one instead of writing a letter?  Would you leave some pages blank for the reader to continue?

Or with my Zine Maker tool you can draw in simple black and white, print lots off and maybe colour them by hand, so they are all hand-finished.

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Zine Maker

Zine are small and often handmade, self-published magazines.

This tool is something I made so that you can draw all the pages and then download it and print on one A4 or A3 sheet. You can then fold it into an 8 page zine and colour it in.

The source code is here.

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Electric Zine Maker

Pay your own price for this great downloadable zine-making app. This has to be the winner of THE CRAZIEST APP ever. It's really good fun. 



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How To Make A Zine
Article giving you some ideas about how to make a paper zine

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Zine-Making as a Pedagogical Tool for Transformative Learning in Social Work Education

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How To Fold A Zine
This 3 minute video shows how to make an 8 page zine from a single sheet of paper.

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Learn About Chapbooks (YouTube)