Make a Wall-sized Banksy Poster

Many of Banksy's images are high contrast, and could have been sprayed onto a wall with a template.

In this exercise we will look at how to make those types of images.


Often, but not always, when an image is high contrast and striking.





Go get some images that you think might take to being simple black and white images. They don't have to be high contrast to begin with, but the photos need enough constrast for you to be able exaggerate it.



Often, when making a one-colour striking image, I start with a bitmap image and then using a tool like Photopea:

Either using Rasturbator you can now print your image big enough to fill an entire wall, or make a fabulous stencil.



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Rasturbator is fabulous tool. It chops up your image so that you can print it on twenty or thirty pages, glue them together to fill an entire wall.

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Pixlr X

The latest version of this fantastic image editor. Has fantastic tools for isolating a part of an image.

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Exactly like Photoshop of old, but in the browser.

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Create PDF posters for printing from your image.


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Background Removal in Pixlr Tutorial

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Working With Layers in Pixlr Tutorial

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Pixlr Filter Tools Tutorial