Make A Cartoon

Think of a story, explanation or idea that you want to communicate and make it as a comic.

The tools below have characters you can use, like an alien, for example, text boxes and speech bubbles. 

Why not quickly try ToonyToon,  StripGenerator or MakeBeliefs to make a one panel or multi-panel cartoon?



Once you've made some great work in the tools above, you might want to try these too.

Storyboarder and StoryboardThat are meant for creating full professional storyboards for films, but you might use it for this because it has lots of scenes and props and can export your cartoons as gifs or mp4s.


Cartoons can be used to make someone laugh, or explain a series of events, or even describe an argument from two points of view.

Whether you want to just have some fun, or have some serious fun, comics are worth investigating. 


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Comics and Archaeology listing
John Swogger's excellent collection of educational comics.
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The Unflattening

A dissertation in graphic novel form. Beautiful


Here are lots of places to get images that some tools will let you use?



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Large collection of isolated PNGs, great for making montages.

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Comics at the Internet Archive[]=languageSorter%3A%22English%22

The Internet Archive has a section of

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Retro Comics at ComicBookPlus

A wonderful collection of older strips, many of which are public domain.

For fun, you might, control(mac) or alt(click) to save them to your computer and edit them with Pixlr to add your own words.

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Digital Comic Museum

A strange collection of retro comics from Captain Science to The H-Bomb and you.

The issues are downloadable in .cbr format for which you will need a free comic reader like YAC Reader.


Which one of these do you like best?  

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Although having some quirks, this tool let's you easily add backgrounds, characters and speech bubbles etc, OR use the in-built collection of graphics. Simple, but I like it.

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Create your own cartoons

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Canva Comic Maker

Canva's Comic tool, with loads of great templates is fantastic. Start from a layout and you can drag in your graphics. 

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Brilliant storyboard tool. Plan your next movie.

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Remove Background
Quickly remove an image's background

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Phrase It
Create speech bubbles

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Create a comic from stock images


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How To Draw Comics

Downloadable guide to drawing cartoons and comics.