Let's Make An App or Application With LiveCode

LiveCode is a great tool for creating real apps, for iOS, Android, Mac, Window or Linux. 


Livecode is based on one of most influential pieces of software ever called HyperCard.

Whilst Apple sold its hardware as "Computers for the rest of us", aimed at non-geeks and designers, HyperCard was "Programming for the rest of us". HyperCard has a simple English-like scripting language and tools that mean you can create an app quickly.

To get an idea why HyperCard was so influential, and to understand the philosophies that Livecode had continued, checkout these articles.

If Apple back then had the restrictive, draconian policies that Apple today has, we wouldn't have had HyperCard. Without HyperCard, we might not have the World Wide Web, wikis, JavaScript, rich-media Web sites, or even the iPhone and iPad.

 Checkout this video, they don't even know exactly what words to use to describe it.

 Livecode has moved on since those days, but it is still easy to use, fun and a great way to quickly create an app.

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Hypercard Stacks at archive.org


HyperCard spawned so much creativity it's incredible. Just browse this collection to see some of the stacks created.  Archive.org has Mac emulators so you can now run these stacks as if it was 1987 on a MacPlus. 


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Livecode Stacks


Large collection of stacks for you to 


Livecode is a visual drag and drop tool with which you create stacks. These stacks are collections of cards a little bit like a slide presentation. You can then using Livecode's scripting language add simple scripts like this.

on mouseup
   go to card "Level 2"
end mouseup

The process of getting your app in the App/Play Store is a little more involved, but can be done (£99 for an iOS developer licence) but if you want to make and app and create a prototype, thousands of apps and games have already been made with these tools.

Livecode has lots of helpful videos, lots of extra plugins and have helpful communities behind them whom you can ask if you get stuck and need a little help.



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Fabulous tool to create mobile and desktop apps, like Powerpoint but with code.


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Create Your First App With Livecode


A quick guide showing how easy it is to build a multi-platform app. 

It fails to show the further steps of developing for iOS / Android, but they are acheivable, requiring downloads of the respective SDKs (Software Development Kits) and in the case of iOS purchasing a developer licence. Additionally, you will probably need a LiveCode developer licence too.