Let's Make A Meme

Let's see if we can create a meme that is funny enough to go viral.


If you want to brush up a little on your memes, watch these videos.

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The History of Memes


Everything you need to know about the history and evolution of memes.

We've come a long way over the years. From the I can haz cheeseburger cat to the this is fine dog to a vile and racist frog. 

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Know Your Meme


Want to know what the heck a meme even means…

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The Wired's A Guide To Memes


If you'd prefer to read a meme's…


Here are some great places to go if you want to start from scratch by assembling your own images. I challenge you to maybe source an image from the New York Digital Collections to create something a little more unique.

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New York Library Digital Collections


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Large collection of isolated PNGs, great for making montages.


For a quick and easy meme-making tool, try Meme Generator. If you want to do something more advanced Photopea is a full image editor. Live Meme and Make a Meme are great if you want to "meme-jack" and use a familiar design and idea.

Cartoon-making tools may also be useful.

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Make A Meme


Tool for creating memes.

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Although having some quirks, this tool let's you easily add backgrounds, characters and speech bubbles etc, OR use the in-built collection of graphics. Simple, but I like it.

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Meme Generator


Design your own meme, AND get access to the code that make it

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Exactly like Photoshop of old, but in the browser.