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Glitch art is making work from computers going wrong, of files being corrupted, or internet connections being interrupted. 



People make glitchy music, which is quite often ambient sounding in nature, but with lots of samples firing off, almost at random, creating an otherworldly audio landscape.

And people also make glitch images and videos, and you can too.

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5 Artists Who Are Masters of Glitch Music

One of the strange aspects of technology, whether analogue or digital, is its tendency to glitch. The ghost in the machines, as it were. With music software in particular, glitch and error have become desirable ingredients in sound design and musical composition.
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25 Amazing Examples Of Glitch Typography

Here are 25 amazing examples of glitch typography that are based on the idea that making things go wrong can be fascinating in its own way.
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VHS Glitch Art Example


In the "olden days" people would crush videotapes and then see what strange effects they got. People did effectively the same thing with digital files, deliberately wrecking them.




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Play Sound


Interesting tool that searches Freesound, and lets you create soundscapes by clicking samples repeatedly, or letting them loop.

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Make gifs and images with a heap of bizarre effects