Create An Animation

Onion-skinning is an animation term that refers to making a drawing, then adding the next frame with the previous frame for you to trace from.

It's a litlle like making a flipbook.




Maybe you would like to create a physical flipbook. Watch the video below to get an idea of how onion-skinning works.


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Animation Frames

A collection of sprite sheets that you could use to help you with your animation.


Have a quick play with FlipAnim to get the idea of "onion-skinning".

If you want to do something more ambitious, download Pencil 2D and start animating. Mobile users can try Flip-a-Clip.



Flare, Synfig and DragonBones are professional animation tools and although Krita is an open source graphics editor a lot like Photoshop, it also has the ability to do onion-skinning animations.

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Nice flipbook animation tool, but NO EXPORT option. Also requires Flash.

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Lovely little flipbook animation maker (slight shame about the gridlines. See also Pencil, the desktop app)

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Professional animation tool

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Synfig is a professional animation tool.

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Lovely free animation tool for Android or iOS.

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Wonderful image editor

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Open-source animation tool for Mac and Windows

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A tool to create animations with motion. Limited trial

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Pencil 2D

Lovely desktop animation tool with onion skinning.


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Onion-skinning with Pencil 2D

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Using Flip-a-Clip

Someone shares their process when creating animations with Flip-a-Clip.