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Textable is an Add-on to a really interesting visual tool call Orange3. With them together you can do textual or data analysis and shaping, and filtering, WITHOUT coding. 

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Lovely free, web-based tele-prompter, or autocue. Really helpful if you're recording a voice track.

It even has mirroring so you can hold a sheet of glass, and reflect onto it, looking straight at the camera. Nice.

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Your World Of Text

Create your own URL - I made myworldofnonsense, and you have a "live" editable grid you can share with collaborators.

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Typographic Posters

Wonderful collection of images made from text

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List of Text Editors

Choosing a text editor for coding is a very personal choice. Some have "too many" features, others are too simple. You may need to try more than a few to find one that you like working in, but it's not until you start on an actual project, that you'll be really able to tell.